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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Social Model of Disability?

The Social Model of Disability is a framework of approaching therapy that believes disabled individuals face challenges due to societal structuring that does not account for nor accommodate environmental, physical, attitudinal, and communicative barriers for people of all abilities. The Medical Model of Disability, on the other hand, places the emphasis on the individual and what they "can" or "cannot" do due to their disability.

What does a typical session look like?

Sessions are scheduled for 30-45 minutes and take place via a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platform.  During your session, there will be time to review questions from your home program, learn new strategies and skills, practice in a one-on-one environment with real-time feedback and coaching, discuss your goals and progress, and go review your practice plan for the next week.

Does virtual speech/voice therapy work as well as in-person therapy?

For most people, yes! While there are some specific treatment approaches and individuals that benefit more from in-person services, many people gain just as much (if not more) benefit from virtual services than in-person. Virtual sessions allow individuals the flexibility to receive care in their own home and access experts they may not have been able to given geographic barriers.

Who can work with Loud & Clear Speech Therapy, PLLC?

Services with Loud & Clear Speech Therapy are available to anyone residing in Washington state. 

Do you take my insurance? How much will this cost?

Loud & Clear Speech Therapy, PLLC is currently contracted with Regence, Premera, BCBS, and Kaiser Permanente insurance carriers. Clients are encouraged to contact their insurance carrier prior to starting services to learn more about how much they can expect to pay. For those choosing to pay out of pocket, Loud & Clear Speech Therapy offers a self-select sliding scale to make services as accessible as possible. Learn more here.

Do you accept Washington Apple Health/Medicaid?

Loud & Clear Speech Therapy is not yet contracted with Washington Apple Health or Medicaid. Individuals with Washington Apple Health/Medicaid may choose to utilize the self-select sliding scale for private pay clients so long as they are aware that Washington Apple Health/Medicaid will not reimburse for these services.

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